In 2015 Thijs Bosschert started his own company Thice Security after being active in the security field for 15 years, and having worked for multiple companies such as Fox-IT, Verizon and Deloitte. After starting his own company Thice quickly had more work and idea’s than he could work on, on his own. He was soon joined by his brother Bas, who had been active in the security field as well since the turn of the century. Thice Security provides no-nonsense high quality security services including incident response, penetration testing, consultancy and (interim) CISO roles.

Thijs himself is a technically strong and creative freelance security professional focused on solving any incident or challenge he comes across, and knows how to bridge the gap between technical people and upper management. Thijs provides training and public presentations in the fields of his knowledge and holds multiple certifications including CISSP, OSCP and OSWP. Thijs is a core and founding member of the Eindbazen CTF team, and was part of the Hack.ERS CTF team that won the Global CyberLympics in 2012 & 2013 and currently is the team captain of the Jobless Hackers CTF team which took the European title and 2nd place in the 2016 CyberLympics and took the first place in the 2019 CyberLympics. Thijs currently also plays with the Spotless CTF team.

Thice is active and specialized in the following roles and activities:

  • (Interim) CISO
  • Security Officer
  • Incident Response manager and investigator
  • Penetration testing
  • Forensic investigator
  • Security researcher
  • Trainer
  • CTF organizer

Thice can provide presentations and workshops on various topics, including:

  • Incident Response
  • Lockpicking workshops
  • Introduction in to CTFs
  • CTF training

Thice further designs and builds Escape Rooms including writing the scenario’s, designing and creating puzzles, sounds and light effects, control software etc. The combined knowledge of security and escape rooms has lead to an unique security awareness training, the Cyber Security Escape Room:

Thijs himself occasionally still publishes articles on his blog.