Playing with kr00k
Crypto hardware Plug-over attack
Hiding your data in plain sight – USB hardware hiding
Convert cheap 433Mhz sensors to KaKu/CoCo with an Arduino convertor
Repair a broken HP LaserJet printer by baking it
iPod dock adapter for the Motorola Droid/Milestone
Bypassing Apple’s Video Out protection for less than $5
Forensic hardware – Don’t just blindly trust it
Motorola Droid 4 – Broken screen and data recovery
Soon: Home automation setup

HitB2015 write-ups
ASIS CTF 2015 write-ups
HitB2014 write-ups
Eindbazen ebCTF write-ups
Swiss Cyber Storm
Swiss Cyber Storm write-up 1: CarGame Challenge 4
Swiss Cyber Storm write-up 2: CarGame Challenge 5
Swiss Cyber Storm write-up 3: Social Challenge
Soon: How to organize a good CTF

Reverse Engineering Perl2Exe back to Perl
Perl2Exe back to Perl – 2014
Perl2Exe back to Perl – 64-bit (with x64_dbg)
Getting rid of the Buma Stemra ransomware malware
Getting rid of the Buma Stemra ransomware malware – Windows 7

OUI (MAC address) lookup script
Creating ACK-GET packets with scapy
Meaningful MD5 Collisions: Creating executables

Data carving
Recovering data from Garmin Edge 500 GPS
Samsung WB650 Video file Scalpel rule

Waar ligt de grens van ethical hacking? (Dutch)
Hacker colour chart v1
Why online dating is one big scam
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