Security issues logos

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Since last year it seems that security issues need to be named and need a logo. Since not all issues had a logo yet I made some logos just for fun and no particular reason. I do not support security issues being used for marketing (which seems to be the main reason for the naming), I just like to draw things every now and then. More might follow, or not, dunno yet.

I don’t claim any copyright, they can be freely used with or without credits. All images were created with Paint.NET, and the higher resolution versions are available when clicking on them.

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Why online dating is one big scam

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This video shows one hundred fake profiles on the dating website Badoo. Most of these profiles were encountered in just a couple of days during normal usage of the website. Most of them are still active at the time of the release of this video (and long after that).

These profiles are probably a combination of scammers, catfish and people hiding behind other peoples pictures.
If something is too good to be true, it is probably too good to be true, also in the e-dating world.

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