Bypassing Apple’s Video Out protection for less than $5

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Modding an unlicensed iPod dock to get Video Out from an iPod Classic

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iPod authentication chip small

Since Apple released the iPod Classic and the iPhone, they have included a new protection mechanism to protect their hardware from being used with certain iPod docks. The protection only lets the devices work to the full extent when using Apple approved / licensed / certified hardware.

Whatever the reason has been for this lockout of older hardware, in the end it means that any dock out there that doesn’t contain the special authentication can not be used with the new iPods/iPhones.

This document describes how to bypass this protection for the iPod Classic, with spending less than $5. It contains detailed instructions to do this mod yourself, the instructions show how to do this mod on the Altec Lansing inMotion iMV712 ‘Digital mini-theater speakers for iPod’, but the same approach should apply to any other dock out there. This mod works for the iPod classic, but might also work for the iPhone with a little adjustment.

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