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Forensic hardware – Don’t just blindly trust it

02/09/2014 | Forensics, Hardware, Mods | by Thice

I recently found two pictures which I took in the last 2 years, of the Logicube Forensic Dossier misbehaving. I decided to write this very short article to show these pictures. Since this seems to be a 6th(!) generation forensic solution I would not expect this behavior. The Logicube hardware is widely accepted as ‘forensically […]

Convert cheap 433Mhz sensors to KaKu/CoCo with an Arduino convertor

24/08/2014 | Code, Hardware, Mods | by Thice

In the past 1,5 year I have been playing a bit with Home Automation (or Domotics / Domotica) systems. I initially bought the HomeWizard, but was pretty disappointed in it. When the HomeWizard domotica system was introduced I expected a lot of it, sadly enough it has not been as great as I hoped and I am currently […]

Crypto hardware Plug-over attack

25/06/2012 | Hardware, Mods | by Thice

This article describes a vulnerability I found over two years ago in certain external USB and eSATA data carriers (hard drives, USB sticks) which use cryptography to help protect the data they carry. This vulnerability has been found during the evaluation of multiple data carriers of different manufacturers and it seems to be quite common. […]

Repair a broken HP LaserJet printer by baking it

18/10/2011 | Hardware, Mods | by Thice

After my HP printer died just after his warranty period I searched for a solution what to do to revive it. When reported to HP they wanted to charge €350 to repair the printer, which is around the same amount a new printer would cost, besides that I had to ship to whole bulky printer […]

Hiding your data in plain sight – USB hardware hiding

29/09/2010 | Hardware, Mods | by Thice

—> The PDF version of this article can be found here. This article will describe the possibility of hiding data in any kind of USB hardware. Even though USB data carriers come in various sizes and forms, which already sometimes makes them hard to recognize, this approach could even make it worse. Any USB device […]

iPod dock adapter for the Motorola Droid/Milestone

15/06/2010 | Hardware, Mods | by Thice

—> The PDF version of this article can be found here. Manufacturers of electronic devices don’t seem to be able to get a global standard on docking connectors, resulting in that you usually end up buying a new dock for every electronic device you acquire. In the past I bought multiple iPod docks (also see […]

Bypassing Apple’s Video Out protection for less than $5

13/01/2010 | Hardware, Mods | by Thice

Modding an unlicensed iPod dock to get Video Out from an iPod Classic —> The PDF version of this article can be found here. Since Apple released the iPod Classic and the iPhone, they have included a new protection mechanism to protect their hardware from being used with certain iPod docks. The protection only lets […]